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A whole-person approach. Body, mind, heart and spirit. This is what Vision Forest is all about. Born from a passion for empowering myself and others to overcome challenges by using an integrated approach,  Vision Forest offers holistic lifestyle coaching which provides you with all the resources, support and accountability you need to overcome the chall enges and obstacles you might face on the way reaching your goals and dreams. Have no goals, dreams or visions? Sure you do! I will help you discover them.

Vision Forest uses Ecometric Assessment Scales to measure your current level of functionality and then designs a unique coaching road-map to guide you from where you are now to the goal, dream or vision you have set out for yourself. Whether it be a career choice, promotion, family or personal goal, such as weight loss, your road map includes (all or any) coaching for your body (diet & exercise), mind (designing your desired future), heart (dealing with fears & guilt) and spirit (practising awareness & meditation). 

During the Vision Forest  journey of coaching you will discover new tricks to deal with old problems, discover reasons behind your (bad/good) behaviours, learn to think bigger and stretch your mind far beyond what you think is possible. You will be led on a journey of creation, where you will discover that you are able to create anything you set your mind to. Being held accountable by a coach, execution becomes real and step by step you will create the vision you have.