Christian coaching for woman 

Coaching, we all need it.

A whole-person approach. Body, mind, heart and spirit. This is what Vision Forest is all about. Born from a passion for empowering myself and others to overcome the constant challenge of having to mentally, socially and spiritually deal with our "imperfect" bodies. 

My vision is to be part of a future where woman are free from the feeling of "not good enough". I believe this can be achieved by focusing not just on taking care of our bodies, but also challenging our minds, heart and spirits to think differently about how we "measure up" in terms of our bodies. The constant social pressure and conditioning to have a certain look should be something all woman fight against together, for the sake of each other and our future generations of woman growing up now.

All woman should feel positive about their bodies and who they are, it's NOT reserved only for a select few. We are all beautiful.

During the Vision Forest  journey of coaching you will discover new tricks to deal with old problems, discover reasons behind your believes, learn to think bigger and stretch your mind far beyond what you think is possible. You will be led on a journey of creation, where you will discover that you are able to create a body positive mindset and be self-confident, without loosing 1 gram. Being held accountable by a coach, execution becomes real and step by step you will create a new you, without having to sweat it out and starve yourself.